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Carly Nelson Signs Deal With Soccer Brand Storelli

Carly Nelson Signs Deal With Soccer Brand Storelli

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 – Salt Lake City, UT

Today, global soccer brand Storelli announced Carly Nelson as a new addition to their roster of professional players, who will represent the brand by wearing its gloves and protective gear.

Storelli, founded in 2010 in New York City, set a goal to create protective gear made for all soccer players. “We are soccer-obsessed creatives and engineers committed to designing performance gear to protect you from injuries and put you in the zone on the field. From our design efforts to every clinical study we sponsor, our goal is to help you love every second of the beautiful game as much as we do.” (From the Storelli website)

As they continue to build their roster of bold professional athletes to represent their brand, they signed Carly to embody their brand on and off the field.

Our Felkrem digital team sat down with Carly Nelson to chat about her thoughts on becoming a Storelli athlete:

Tell us more about the Storelli brand and what attracts you to them?

The Storelli brand is top notch. As a goalkeeper we throw our bodies around in ways often we cannot describe. We put our bodies (and beautiful faces) on the line for our team every day we train. Storelli is all about protecting goalkeepers as much as possible so we can focus as much as possible on our performance. Not to mention I feel like I am falling on mattresses each time I dive.

What does it mean to you to be part of this brand?

For me to be apart of this brand is everything. Goalkeeping is my life’s passion. I don’t know how or why I fell in love with it, but I did. As a goalkeeper, my needs often have been ignored. (Finding specific gear, good quality gloves, clothing that protects) with Storelli, I feel as if they take care of my GK specific needs. We play a completely different sport, train a completely different way, have a totally unique training programs separate from soccer – we need different things than just the typical soccer gear. They take care of my goalkeeper needs – which is hard to find a good quality brand that can do so. They go above and beyond!

What is your go-to Storelli set up on the field?

During games and in training, I’m an original, keep is simple type player. Underneath my kit, I wear the BodyShield Crop Top and the Impact BodyShield Sliders which protect me from the daily abuse our goalkeeper bodies take on. Of course, without fail, I always wear my favorite gloves ever made, the Gladiator Pro 3 Glove that fit me like a glove, no pun intended, lol. And if it’s cold or turf, I’ll wear the BodyShield GK Leggings.

Now that you are part of the Storelli family, if there is one thing you could tell your young self, what would it be?

One thing I would tell my younger self is, you have to dream big if you want to achieve big. And you have to take massive action in order to be there. And also to realize that being a goalkeeper and doing what we do, you have to keep going crazy and taking risks to be successful in it.